September 27, 2009

I Need Readers.

I skipped yesterday because I knew nobody would read this. So instead, I'm going to spam all over every site in the world to get to read this. Hell yeah it'll be annoying, but IDGAF.
Who's Next?

Paula Abdul

Why: Pills

Why da hell Paula' always be ackin' a foo? She way too loco up in her cranium and ackin like one a dem crackheads. She ain't know what da hell she be doin and den she be clamin' dat she ain't neva done it.
She says she never drinks. But you know she does. Or maybe she doesn't.
Maybe she's, psssst! Maybe she's on the craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

When: Next June
Look at the picture above. That is a perfect example of a seasoned veteran of all street drugs. I'm amazed how she could dress herself so nicely that day. Or maybe she was just cranky because Simon couldn' know what? I'm not going there. I bet Simon is great at having sexy times.

Mark it down. Paula Abdul will die soon.

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