September 28, 2009

I Have My First Follower! Thanks Spacem4nSpiff!

Well, I'm making slow progress. Look at that follower! In just 4 days! I'm a beast.
Who's Next?
 Michael Vick
Why: Murder
You're probably thinking, duh. Who couldn't predict this? Well I don't care. I need my name out there.
Now let's face it. In America, there are some, sick crazy bastards out there. Take Michael Vick, for example. Focus on him for a moment. He hung, electrocuted, beat, skinned, drowned, and starved who knows how many dogs. DAYUM dude! Now combine every football fan that has a dog, every football athlete that has a dog, Philadelphia's crime rate that will scare the crap out of you, racists, and countless other things. Wow.
When: The VERY near future
Come on man, NFL just started, (Go Cincinnati and Cleveland--and Ohio State, by the way) and all anyone has to do is wait outside the stadium for a few hours, with the dozens of PETA members waiting by the buses with graphic signs of dogs with tents and rapid pitbulls and rottweilers. I wouldn't doubt that he probably has 4972038 body guards, but who knows, one of those crazy-ass fly defenders( might even bring a bomb. You never know. Peta is a bunch of hypocritical dummmmmb asses.  

Mark it down. Michael Vick will die SOON.

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